Viral Video Shows Tractor Starting On Its Own And Breaking Glass Doors Of A UP Shop

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Everyone is familiar with the expression “Bull in a China Shop,” but what occurred recently in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor was a far more destructive incident, and it was a “Tractor in a China Shop” situation.A tractor that was standing outside a famous shoes store suddenly started without the driver and moving on its own entered inside the showroom, shattering the glass gate of the shop. Showroom employees were shocked to see this unbelievable incident.The employees saved themselves from injuries by moving aside from the path. At the same time, one person from the shop came forward and stopped the tractor. The shop suffered massive damage, in which the entire glass structure of the front was broken.According to reports, in preparation for the forthcoming Holi festival, the police were reportedly holding a meeting of the peace committee at the Bijnor Police Station. At this meeting, Kishan Kumar, the tractor’s owner, also showed up. He left his tractor parked in front of a shoe store, just a short distance from the police station. After approximately an hour, the parked tractor started mysteriously on its own and, in a flash, crashed through the thick glass gate into the adjoining shoe showroom.On one hand, the shop owner suffered a massive loss, but on the other, people in the city are talking about this bizarre incident after the video of it went viral online. However, the shoe showroom manager has filed a complaint against the tractor owner at the police station to compensate for the loss caused in the showroom.