“Waste Of Time”: Abhishek Banerjee Attacks BJP After 9-Hour CBI Questioning

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After temporarily withdrawing from Trinamool Congress’s public outreach campaign to appear before the Central Bureau of Investigation, or CBI, in school jobs scam, senior party leader Abhishek Banerjee has joined the party’s campaign with more criticism against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Mr Banerjee, who was questioned for more than nine hours, hit out at the BJP for “misusing central agencies”.Attacking the BJP and terming his questioning as a “waste of time”, Abhishek Banerjee said, “We started the Trinamool’s Nabo Jowar last month. The photos from our Jono Sanjog Yatra, the sea of crowd present at our Jan Sabhas, and the enthusiasm and excitement of the people, have made BJP leader lose their sleep. They are unable to digest the support we have received from the public. Hence, in a bid to halt our 60-day yatra and to harass me, I received the CBI summon. Despite the harassment, I have fully cooperated with the law agency.”Mr Banerjee said that the CBI summons also played a role in the success of his outreach campaign.Abhishek Banerjee, who has been referred to as ‘Tolabaaj Bhaipo’ (Extortionist Nephew) by the BJP, targeted BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari without naming him. “During today’s questioning, I was asked if I knew a few people. The irony is that 90% of the names that were taken, belonged to either the Purba Medinipur district or the Murshidabad district.”Targeting BJP further, Abhishek Banerjee said, “Basically, what the agencies are saying is that the law is different for the ruling party, and for the Opposition. Had I been in BJP, I would have been innocent. However, instead of being Delhi’s pet dog, I would rather be a Royal Bengal Tiger and die with my head held high.””Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps saying, “na khaunga, na khane doonga”. Then how is Himanta Biswa Sarma a Chief Minister? The one who is seen on camera taking bribes, why is he still roaming scot-free? What about Narayan Rane, What about the 40% Sarkara in Karnataka,” Mr Banerjee added.The BJP has hit back at Abhishek Banerjee’s charges sharply. “Storms had halted the Nabo Jowar campaign, but he did not say anything. He has got some rest. He must thank the CBI. When you promise cooperation, the CBI will call you. You must cooperate with the CBI, why talk rubbish,” BJP MP from Kharagpur and former state BJP President Dilip Ghosh told reporters.Responding to Abhishek Banerjee’s jibe at Suvendu Adhikari, Mr Ghosh said, “In his party, there are six others who took the money. Is everyone in jail? A case has been registered and investigations are on, When the court thinks it is necessary to send them inside (jail), their entire party will be inside. Abhishek Banerjee’s claims don’t matter. When you are a family of thieves how can you indulge in big talk?”