Watch: Astronauts Celebrate World Chocolate Day With Delectable Treats Aboard Space Station

As the world celebrates World Chocolate Day today, astronauts aboard the International Space Station also made sure to enjoy a few delectable treats to mark the occasion. The European Space Agency (ESA) took to Instagram to share a few glimpses of astronauts indulging in chocolate delights amid microgravity. 

Sharing pictures and videos, ESA wrote, ”Astronauts aboard the @iss indulge in chocolate delights just like we do on Earth. Imagine floating in microgravity while enjoying: Delectable chocolate crepes using flour tortillas. The silky chocolate mousse that’s part of a scientific experiment. Tasty chocolate treats that make every bite a cosmic adventure.”

One video showed strawberry-chocolate crepe floating around the International Space Station, while another picture showed an astronaut enjoying chocolate mousse. ESA also informed that astronauts built chocolate-covered biscuit houses, ”adding a touch of home to their home away from home.”

Watch the pictures and videos here:

”So, as we celebrate World Chocolate Day on 7 July, let’s send a sweet shoutout to the astronauts savouring their favourite chocolate goodies while orbiting the Earth,” ESA added. 

Internet users loved the delightful post and added a variety of comments in response. One user wrote, ”That’s so cool! Floating snack.” Another commented, ”those chocolate goodies look yummy, enjoy!!!! God bless you astronauts!!! Have a wonderful cosmic adventure!”

A third said, ”I just realised how fun space is. You can build any structure that comes to mind without fear of collapsing due to a lack of gravity.”

A fourth added, ”I want to know what kind of scientific experiment involve chocolate mousse.”

World Chocolate Day, celebrated annually on July 7th, is a day for chocolate lovers worldwide to indulge in their favorite treats and celebrate the rich history and cultural significance of chocolate. 

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