Watch: US President Joe Biden Makes Surprise Video Appearance On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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US President Joe Biden made a surprise video appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ during first-time host Aubrey Plaza’s monologue. Ms Plaza started the show off with a joke about hailing from the same state as Mr Biden while telling the audience her family travelled from Delaware to New York for the taping. In the video, the ‘White Lotus’ star joked that she was voted the most famous person from the state, beating out the US President. “That’s a fact and he was pissed, he was livid. Look at the video he sent me,” Ms Plaza said before Joe Biden appeared via video to back up her claim. Watch the video below: President Biden has a message for Aubrey— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) January 22, 2023″Aubrey, you’re the most famous person out of Delaware and there’s no question about that,” Mr Biden told the first-time SNL host. “We’re just grateful you made it out of ‘White Lotus’ alive,” he added with a laugh. According to The Hill, a poll of readers of Delaware’s News Journal newspaper in 2018 found Ms Plaza was the state’s most famous person – winning more votes than the next four nominees combined. Joe Biden finished sixth in the poll. Also Read | Ruja Ignatova: FBI’s Most Wanted Scammer Behind $4 Billion FraudThe short clip has surfaced on several social media platforms and accumulated millions of views. At first, many viewers took to Twitter to question whether the President’s appearance was real, or if the video was generated by Artificial Intelligence. However, Mr Biden tweeted the clip on Sunday afternoon, with the caption, “Just two Delawareans, live from New York”. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s appearance on the show did not prevent SNL cast members from cracking jokes at his treatment of classified materials. Notably, on Saturday, the FBI said that more classified documents were found at the President’s Wilmington residence, marking the fourth time since November that classified records or materials have been found at a private address of Mr Biden’s.