Woman In Kerala Plays Violin Alongside Chenda Melam Artists, Video Goes Viral

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A video of fusion music created by a female violin player and Malayali percussionists is going viral on social media. The percussionists are part of Chenda Melam, which has been the most popular type of percussion in Kerala for countless years. It is an important part of every celebration in this region.Sebi Matthew, a user on Twitter, posted the now-viral video. A woman playing a violin with male artists from Chennai Melam during a local temple festival in Kerala is shown in the viral video wearing black trousers and a t-shirt.Social media users expressed their admiration for the skilled woman and her fellow musicians after seeing the video.Watch the video here:❤️ pic.twitter.com/Dwe6DOMWhH— സെബിച്ചൻ (@sebi_mathew) May 25, 2023Over two lakh people have viewed and liked the video. Social media users are responding to the post with thoughtful comments.”Really nice. How is Violin’s music so loud? ” In all such performances, what I have seen is that the chenda sound will be so loud that other music instruments will not be heard clearly outside,” commented one user.”I don’t know which song that is, and I don’t know the lyrics as well. But I cannot stop myself from watching this video again and again,” wrote another user.There are many videos on the internet where we can hear such exquisite fusion music. This Moonu BGM ( ? violin & Chenda melam) has become famous of all ??People’s all like very much ❣️@dhanushkraja Anna ❤️@anirudhofficial Bro #Vaathi #NaaneVaruven pic.twitter.com/QE8JcWMluS— Chocoboy2.oˢᵃⁿᵗʰᵒˢʰ (@Dfan_chocoboy) April 17, 2022Therefore, this is not the first time traditional and contemporary music have been combined for a performance at any event in Kerala.