Women to replace men for sex robots by 2025

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London, Jun 30: Apparently, we’re all going to have intercourse to robots in under 10 years!

At the point when futurologist Dr Ian Pearson looked into his precious stone ball, sex robots winked back, the Mirror reported.

Pearson, who assembled a report on the eventual fate of sex, recommends that laying down with robots will be as normal for ladies as watching porn is today.

He asserted that “robophilia” may turn out to be popular to the point that it will overwhelm human intercourse and will be completely fledged by 2050.

In the report, authorized by Bondara, the Pearson guaranteed: “many individuals will at present have reservations about sex with robots at first however continuously as they get used to them, as the AI (counterfeit consciousness) and mechanical conduct and their vibe enhances, and they begin to wind up companions with compelling passionate securities, that nausea will steadily vanish.”

Numerous individuals have voiced worries over this developing pattern, dreading the robots could soon supplant human association.