Zakir Naik got away from examination on account of UPA’s “conciliation” approach: Shiv Sena

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Mumbai, July 8 : Acknowledging that the Islamic evangelist Zakir Naik’s discourses are provocative, the Shiv Sena party on Friday requested that the focal government forbid him from entering India furthermore blamed the UPA Government for giving him a chance to escape from investigation.

“He ought to be captured and banned from going into India and his channel additionally ought to be banned,” Shiv Sena pioneer Manisha Kayande told ANI.

She advance expressed that it was a result of recent UPA’s “mollification strategy” towards minorities that Naik got away from a wide range of examination.

“A few times in the past additionally complaints has been raised with respect to the exercises and the addresses of Zakir Naik, yet the recent UPA government did not make a big deal about it, rather they took it daintily and since they had dependably taken after the arrangement of pacification towards the minorities, thus Mr Zakir Naik got away from these exercises,” she said.

Prior today, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that a legitimate test will be led into Naik’s discourse.

“We have taken comprehension of Zakir Naik’s talks and fundamental guidelines have been issued in such manner. His (Zakir Naik) discourses, CDs are being analyzed and whatever is defended will be done,” Rajnath told the media here.

He encourage included that to the extent the Government was concerned, it won’t bargain on terrorism at any expense.

Zakir Naik is purportedly in Saudi Arabia for a religious journey and would profit to India for July 11.

Naik, a well known however questionable Islamic speaker and originator of the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, is banned in UK and Canada for his contempt addresses.

He is among 16 banned Islamic researchers in Malaysia.