Zamindara Group takes e-course to lease ranch gear

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Chandigarh, Apr 13: Punjab-based Zamindara Farm Solutions (ZFS) Ltd, which offers horticultural hardware to ranchers on rent, has chosen to take electronic course to fill the need.

ZFS will collaborate with the individuals who own immoderate homestead hardware and offer them to penniless cultivators, an authority said.

Inspired with the idea which is meant to cut down ranchers’ rising information expense and obligation trouble, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has even broadened money related help of Rs 25 lakh including Rs 3 lakh as gift to ZFS for this anticipate.

“We have amplified a credit of Rs 22 lakh and Rs 3 lakh as stipend to Zamindara Farming Solutions which will complete its imaginative venture ‘Chaalak Bane Malik’ in view of the model received by well known taxi administration like Ola,” NABARD Chief General Manager, P M Ghole said here today.

“Under this plan, tractors and other agribusiness actualizes will be accessible on Ola taxi (administration) model. The person who will keep up tractors and executes will be an individual business visionary…

“…and he will get business (for furrowing, sowing, gathering) from focal office (Zamindara) with sharing course of action which will eventually diminish ranchers’ expense of development,” Ghole said.

ZFS Director Vikram Ahuja while clarifying the idea said he was putting forth cultivate types of gear including tractors on rental premise to those little agriculturists who can’t purchase immoderate hardware.

“We have likewise connected with around 200-300 ranchers as accomplices.

After a penniless agriculturist who needs cultivate hardware on rental premise will ring our client care number, our accomplices will visit the field of the rancher in the wake of arranging the rates and complete the occupation, for example, furrowing, sowing, working or collecting, straw administration,” Ahuja said.

“We give tractors or other ranch supplies if our accomplices don’t claim it. They will then utilize and keep up it for giving homestead types of gear rental administrations. After the utilization of types of gear for settled number of hours, they will claim it. We charge some cash out of rent, rest is held by the accomplice,” Ahuja said.

“On the off chance that our accomplice possesses tractor however he doesn’t have different actualizes, we give them executes and in the event that he utilizes them for settled number of hours, we go on the responsibility for types of gear to accomplice after some time,” Ahuja said.

At present, ZFS has information base of around 20,000 agriculturists in Fazilka, Muktsar and Sri Ganganagar for giving ranch supplies on pay-to utilize premise and administrations.