35-Year-Old Amputee, With 91% Physical Disability, Summits Mount Rhenock

In an astounding and daring feat, 35-year-old Uday Kumar, who has 91 per cent physical disability above the knee, ascended Mount Rhenock in Sikkim. Kumar has etched his name in the history of mountaineering through his awe-inspiring achievement and journey by conquering the 16,500 feet high peak in Kanchenjunga National Park of West Sikkim.

The expedition was organized by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) in Darjeeling.

Kumar, along with a team of HMI, embarked on the summit on March 5, which concluded on March 18. During the summit, Kumar scaled treacherous slopes and faced unpredictable weather conditions. However, throughout the journey, he persevered, inching closer to his goal with each step.

The expedition culminated into a historic moment as Kumar became the first amputee to unfurl the largest Indian flag, measuring 780 square feet, atop Mount Rhenock.

Kumar credited his achievement to the team of HMI and the group captain Jai Kishan. “This was possible only because of group captain Jai Kishan and the team of HMI. For someone whose spinal cord is broken, who doesn’t have a leg, has only four toes in his leg, out of which, only three work, climbing 16,500 high seems like a distant dream,” he said.

“Amid all of this, Covid also affected my morale. But after that, I met Jai Kishan sir. He motivated me and guided me every day. I have learned a lot about life at HMI,” he added.

Kumar plans to continue his mountaineering journey and conquer higher peaks. He said, “Mount Rhenock is just the beginning, there’s still a lot left to do.”

This feat not only earned Kumar a place in the annals of mountaineering history but also set a new world record for unfurling of the largest national flag by a physically disabled man.

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