After Noida, Man In Bengaluru Receives 1 Crore Bill For Uber Auto Ride

After an Uber customer in Noida was charged a whopping Rs 7 crore for an auto ride, another similar incident has surfaced from Bengaluru. In an Instagram video, a Hyderbad-based vlogger claimed that he was charged Rs 1 crore by Uber for a 10-minute auto ride in the city. 

Sriraj Nilesh said he and his wife Manasa had booked an autorickshaw using the aggregator app for going from Tin Factory, KR Puram, to Koramangala. The app initially showed them Rs 207 as the fare amount. However, upon reaching their destination and scanning the QR code to pay, they were shocked to receive a hefty bill of Rs 1,03,11,055. Even the auto driver was shocked to see th

”What kind of technical glitch is this? Even the customer care did not respond. That’s why I am putting this video as proof,” he says in the video. 

Watch the video here:

Uber has yet to react to the viral clip and resolve the matter.

An Uber user in Noida experienced a similar situation when he received a bill worth crores after a seemingly routine auto ride. In the early hours of Friday, Deepak Tenguriya booked an auto ride through Uber India, expecting a fare of just ₹ 62.  

However, after Mr Deepak reached his location, he received a hefty bill of ₹ 7.66 crore on his app, even without the driver ending the ride. The official X page of Uber India Customer Support issued an apology and claimed that they were looking into the matter.

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