Count Binface, The “Intergalactic Space Warrior” Who Took On Rishi Sunak

Count Binface, the self-proclaimed “intergalactic space warrior,” who contested against Rishi Sunak from the Richmond and Northallerton parliamentary seat in the UK general elections, celebrated his personal best in his fledgling political career: a 6th place finish. 

Declaring this moment as “#BindependenceDay”, Count Binface wrote, “My highest ever finish. 6th. My highest ever parliamentary vote. 308. My highest height advantage. 2ft 6in #BindependenceDay has come.”

My highest ever finish. 6th
My highest ever parliamentary vote. 308
My highest height advantage. 2ft 6in#BindependenceDay has come.

— Count Binface (@CountBinface) July 5, 2024

Count Binface, known off-stage as comedian Jon Harvey, faced off against Mr Sunak, donning his signature headgear resembling a rubbish bin. Among his promises were the construction of at least “one affordable home,” the institution of national service for all former prime ministers, and even the nationalisation of singer Adele.

Mr Harvey’s alter ego has a history of taking on prominent political figures. Count Binface’s journey in UK elections began in 2017, when he ran against Prime Minister Theresa May under the guise of Lord Buckethead. In 2019, Binface ran against then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the general election, and more recently, he participated in London’s mayoral race, where he outperformed the far-right Britain First party by 4,000 votes.

“In the UK, anybody, literally anybody, is free to stand in an election, no matter how idiotic the get-up,” Binface told news agency AFP.

In the recent election, Binface’s policies continued to capture public imagination. His proposals included capping the price of croissants at 1.10 pounds, mandatory national service for former prime ministers, and a bid to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Keir Starmer will today become Britain’s new prime minister, as his centre-left opposition Labour party swept to a landslide general election victory, ending 14 years of right-wing Conservative rule.

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