Fearless Media Safest Assurance To Nurturing Democracy: Vice President To NDTV

Stating that the media is a main pillar of society and a natural watchdog to contain the “freefall of misinformation”, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar has said the fourth pillar of democracy should have no hindrances in its way and should uphold high standards. 

Delivering the keynote address at the NDTV Indian Of The Year awards on Saturday, Mr Dhankhar warned, however, that the media serves its purpose best by “being objective and not getting involved in politics.”

“It should take all care not to become a battleground for partisan politics. The media cannot be a platform for the freefall of untenable information that damages our democratic fabric, shatters individual reputations, destroys institutions. If you start floating information without due diligence, it can wreck our economy, our social fabric,” he said. 

Pointing out that people are extremely aware these days and that an informed public is the spinal strength of a democracy, the Vice President said misinformation can be ruinous. “The media is a natural watchdog to contain and curb such freefall of misinformation. If the media does not do it, who will? A fearless, informed, independent media is the safest assurance to nurturing democracy,” he said.

Using the Citizenship Amendment Act as an example and claiming that it is a reprieve for persecuted people and does not deprive anybody of citizenship, Mr Dhankhar said a different impression is sought to be created. 

“In such a situation, the media has to play its role… The media cannot be a registered recognised or unrecognised political party. It has to do its job… It cannot be a power broker,” he said.

“The world is looking at India with hope, optimism and confidence. We have a visionary Prime Minister… India has a large category of veteran journalists. This group constitutes a global think tank. By and large, our journalists are ethically oriented, they are passionate about their work. When everything is right, how can the pudding be spoilt by some? And that media should come forward by their self-regulation,” the Vice President added.

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