Grandmother’s Wisdom Leads Maryland Man To $50,000 Scratch-Off Win

A Baltimore man is celebrating a windfall thanks to a lucky scratch-off ticket and some sage advice from his grandmother. The unnamed winner revealed that his winning strategy stemmed from a simple principle his grandmother instilled in him years ago.

“She told me, “not everyone can be lucky every day,'” he shared with Maryland Lottery officials.

Taking this wisdom to heart, the man developed a system: buy two scratch-off tickets whenever the lottery bug bites. If neither ticket wins, he considers his lucky streak spent for the day. However, if one ticket reveals a prize, he continues playing.

This philosophy recently proved fruitful at the EZ Quick Food Market on Mountain Road in Pasadena. There, a Mega Money scratch-off ticket revealed a lucky combination, bringing him a cool $50,000 prize.

But this wasn’t his first lucky streak. The man credits his grandmother’s advice with helping him win over $150,000 throughout the years. While this recent win was a pleasant surprise, he admitted, “I’ve won big twice before, but the last time was a long time ago. I wasn’t sure it would ever happen again.”

The Maryland Lottery reminds players that playing the lottery should be for entertainment purposes only. However, for this lucky Baltimore resident, a little bit of wisdom and a dash of chance turned into a winning combination.

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