Gujarat Man Went To Drop Wife At Station, Got Locked In Moving Train. Read Hilarious Post

A Gujarati man’s act of helping his wife board the Vande Bharat Express turned into a surprising adventure. He simply wanted to assist with her luggage, but the automatic doors shut unexpectedly, leaving him trapped on the moving train!  In a post on X, his daughter, Kosha, shared this story of her parents’ unplanned “premium journey” on April 2. 

Kosha even included a funny detail in her post – a screenshot of their WhatsApp chat where her dad sent a selfie of him and his wife together on the train! Her father captioned the picture in Gujarati, “Experiencing both Vande Bharat and Shatabdi in a single day” labelling it a ‘premium journey'”

Kosha explained how her mom was embarking on her first-ever Vande Bharat trip from Vadodara to Mumbai on Tuesday. To ensure her comfort, Kosha’s father took charge of her two large bags, carefully stowing them near their seats. 

As Kosha’s parents were boarding, the automatic door of the train began beeping. Before her father could react, he found himself trapped inside as the train commenced its journey. When he approached the ticket collector to stop the train, he was informed that it was already too late, and the train had picked up speed.

As a result, both of Kosha’s parents found themselves on an unplanned journey together. While the father travelled to the next station, Surat, his wife continued to Mumbai, leaving their car parked miles away at the Vadodara railway station.

See the post here:


— Kosha (@imkosha) April 2, 2024

The post soon went viral and triggered an array of hilarious reactions from internet users. 

A user wrote, “Being 50yr+ and still has adventures in life is what I want!!”

“Your dad must have been looking forward to his bachelor life and he got this,” another user commented. 

“Must be a good time as a couple with laughter and little frustration,” the third user wrote. 

The fourth user wrote, “How romantic!”

The fifth user commented, “This is exactly the piece of news I want to come across from when I open Twitter while I have my coffee in the morning!”

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