“I Don’t Want To Look My Age” Says Martha Stewart On Using Botox And Fillers

In the world of ever-evolving beauty norms, opting for cosmetic procedures is practically a given. After all, gone are the days when injectables were considered a taboo in the beauty realm. Be it a little jab of botox or severe procedures like breast implants or a facelift, hearing about cosmetic treatments on the internet has become as common as our favourite drugstore products. However, despite being part of the progressive world, many celebrities prefer to remain in complete denial. But a handful of brave celebrities have decided to walk along the path of the changing times and get candid about their experiences of undergoing a cosmetic procedure. The latest one to join the list is American businesswoman and writer Martha Stewart. The 82-year-old has confessed about the cosmetic procedures that she has undergone to avoid looking her age.

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During one of the episodes of The Martha Stewart Podcast, her cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belkin detailed the types of treatments he’s given to her. It included botox, skin tightening, fillers in her cheeks, and muscle-relaxing injections in her neck and jawline. A report by Huffpost quoted Dr Belkin as saying, “We’ve done a little bit of skin tightening on you,” Dr. Belkin explained. “We’ve done a little ultrasound tightening I think, a long time ago. We did a little softwave, which is an ultrasound-based tightening device. And we’ve done a little bit of Ulthera, which is a great ultrasound-based skin tightening that works.” Talking about the procedure, Martha Stewart said, “So it’s not so complicated. And it’s not cutting me and sewing me up. It is really preventative and very encouraging because it really does make me look better.”

Martha Stewart is not the only celebrity to have opened up about undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Last year in August, in a conversation with Vogue, Canadian model Linda Evangelista got candid about still getting botox. While reflecting on her cosmetic procedure, the 58-year-old confessed about undergoing a botox treatment after she tried the CoolSculpting procedure that left her face “disfigured.”

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Where botox and fillers rule the beauty realm, there are some known personalities and megastars that choose to keep it real and natural. Salma Hayek is one such celebrity who went against the tide when the world was turning to cosmetic procedures. Early last year, Hayek spoke to Kelly Ripa in her podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa and revealed she has “no botox” after pressing questions the people of the internet often throw at her. “I have a lot of health issues and things in my body, and I developed this weird meditation that I keep changing. I can do it for hours because time doesn’t matter to me, and it’s so fun,” said the star. However her meditation practice is not the picture of silence that you imagine. She continued, “It’s actually feeling the energy. It moves and it dances inside of you, with different sensations and emotions. So I use a lot of the frequency machines.”

The reality of cosmetic surgery is all around us but thanks to the candid nature of some personalities. being honest comes as close as the real thing.

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