Ice Chunk Falls From Plane, Kills Pet Goat In US

A chunk of ice fell from an airplane in the United States and killed a family’s pet goat, as per a report in Metro UK. The incident took place in Utah on May 6 around 9:30 am. Cassidy Lewis was at her home when she heard a loud bang that shook the entire house.

When she went outside, she saw her pet animals freaking out. She said, “Roosters were freaking out, the horses were going crazy.” The woman saw a sizable hole in the shed’s ceiling where she was keeping her goats. Upon further checks, she found an injured goat which was bleeding heavily. Further, there were bits of ice beneath the hole in the ground.

She continued, “It was at least a basketball-sized piece of ice, I would assume, especially because the size of the hole and how much ice there was on the ground.”

At first, she was shocked and believed it could have been an explosion. Photos taken at the site revealed ice on the roof adjacent to a hole, with the shed’s top punctured through.

The ice had fallen from a plane, which was the only logical explanation offered by the law enforcement personnel. “He just said that we are below a flight path and it could have been ice from an airplane, which I had no idea could even happen,” Ms Lewis said.

The woman said that she took the pet to the veterinarian, however it could not be saved and was euthanised.

She has also made requests for an investigation into the event from Salt Lake City International Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Ms Lewis stated that the FAA informed her that they are investigating the possible plane from which the ice fell. Notably, her house is on the airport’s flight path.

“Honestly, every time I hear a plane go by, I’m thinking like, it’s made me a little bit nervous about it happening again. We’re just very unlucky apparently to have it hit us,” she added.

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