In The Long And Short Of Things, Kylie Jenner Picks The Latter For Her Chic New Bob Haircut

By now, everyone should know that Kylie Jenner is a hair chameleon. Some days she likes them long and strong and the rest of the time she keeps them chic and short. Any way you like it, Kylie likes it too. After her short stint of returning to her good old bubblegum pink days, the beauty mogul has turned to short, dark locks for good this time. Do we love it? Absolutely. Do we have the guts to go this short? Probably not. And that is why she is King Kylie and we’re not. We bet her hairstylist works overtime because Kylie’s hairstyles change with moods, seasons or whatever changes quickest. Her short, dark bob is in sync with the soft girl aesthetic the internet is madly in love with. Feminine, fun and because it is Kylie, fabulous too. She goes monochrome for her latest Instagram post with her black strapless outfit balancing the weight of what looks best on this influencer.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

It was not raining in Paris when Kylie Jenner arrived or so we thought when her dazzling silver sequinned Maison Margiela resembled shining water droplets and her hair drenched to wet hair perfection. It rains, and it pours when Kylie arrives. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

The return of the pink hair came as a surprise when Kylie Jenner debuted it earlier this year. But we have no complaints because if there is one person who could remotely convince us to go pink, it would be Kylie alone.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@kyliejenner

It has been a consistent run for Kylie Jenner’s dark hairstyles for a while with varied lengths, her short pink hair span being the only exception in the recent past. Whatever else remains in store, we’re so ready for more.

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