Job Applicant Gets Rejected For Telling Recruiter “You Wasted My Time”. See Post

Job hunting can be a stressful and frustrating process. Most working professionals looking for new jobs spend hours perfecting their resumes and job applications. They also go through multiple rounds of interviews, sometimes spread across days or weeks. However, this too doesn’t guarantee a job. The whole process can be frustrating for the applicant and getting ghosted by the Human Resources (HR) team can further add to this frustration. Now, a job applicant recently shared an email they received, informing why they haven’t been chosen for the job. 

“After weeks of consideration we have decided to go with another candidate who is better suited to our needs at this time,” the email read. It further explained why the applicant was not selected. “It was noted during your interviews, you told both our recruiter and the hiring manager that “they wasted your time because they were late” and “you took time off from work just to hear a low ball offer and that we should have posted the salary range in the job description” We told you that we do this so people won’t apply just for the money. After which you replied “what money? Thank you for your time and consideration,” the email stated. 

Take a look below: 


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The picture of the mail was shared on X (formerly Twitter) last week. Since then the post has accumulated more than 10 million views and several reactions. In the comments section, users supported the applicant and pointed out that the candidate was right in asking about the salary and that the company should have disclosed it in the beginning. Some users said that it was unprofessional on the part of the recruiter and the hiring manager to be late for the interview. Some argued that reviewing someone’s application for weeks was nothing but evil. 

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“I’m right there with this guy, businesses are wasting people’s time instead of being honest and upfront,” wrote one user. “Reviewing someone’s application for weeks is nothing but evil, let him know if he qualifies or not without delaying the process,” expressed another. 

“What is with these jobs thinking we are applying for fun? Who are these people they think are working for fun? If someone told them during the interview they don’t care about the money they were LYING,” commented a third. 

“The applicant dodged a bullet. That’s obviously a bad company,” said a fourth. 

“LOL I feel this so deeply, it’s such a waste of time when salary isn’t included, even if only a range. I remember going through a whole application process to find out the salary was 25k. Wrapped it up very shortly after the reveal, did so as politely as I could, but I feel it,” shared one X user. 

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