“Justice To All, Appeasement To None Is Our Mantra”: PM Modi’s Top Quotes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, replying to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, said the people have given his government a mandate for stability and continuity for the third consecutive term after seeing its work of 10 years and accused the Congress of trying to build a narrative that it has defeated the BJP-led NDA in the general elections.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister asked MPs of the ruling NDA to follow the rules of Parliament and ensure that their behaviour on the House floor is exemplary.

On Monday, the Lok Sabha witnessed a massive uproar in the House over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks. The BJP accused the Leader of Opposition of “insulting” the Hindu community. His remarks were expunged today.

Here are the top quotes from PM’s speech:

* Justice to all, appeasement to none is our mantra

* Some are hurt that they lost a 3rd time

* A country becomes developed when aspirations and resolutions of its people are realised

* Our only mission is ‘Nation First’; Our only mission is ‘Bharat First’

* Will work 24X7 for 2047 Viksit Bharat Plan

* The country is seeing our governance… ours is a model of ‘Santushtikaran‘, and not ‘Tushtikaran’

* When we talk about ‘Santushtikaran‘, it means saturation of every scheme, it means reaching the last person

* Congress for the 3rd time in a row could not cross 100 seats

* They (Congress) are trying to build a narrative they they beat us (at the hustings)

* Congress got 99/543, not 99/100

* It’s the third biggest failure in elections in the history of Congress

* It’s serious matter that conspiracy being hatched to level false allegations against Hindus

* Their allies compare Hinduism to malaria and they clap. The country will never forge

* Rahul Gandhi is out on bail in corruption case, convicted for insulting OBC community, facing several defamation cases

* Congress spreading anarchy by its economic policies, divisive politics around castes and regions, questioning democratic process

 “Let’s remember the elections of 1984. Following those elections, 10 Lok Sabha polls were held in this country, but Congress couldn’t even cross the 250-mark even once. This time the Congress somehow bagged 99 seats

* Congress became parasitic party in these polls, its allies are behind its victory in most of the 99 seats it won

* Will tell Congress to not drown people’s mandate in celebration of ‘fake victory’, it should accept people’s mandate

* People’s mandate for Congress is to sit where it is, in opposition

* In third term, we will work with three times more strength and speed, and bring three times more results

* Congress opposes all those reforms that strengthens the country

* Everyone knows how weak the army was during Nehru ji’s time. They created a culture of corruption since country’s independence

* An attempt has been made to fool the country’s brave soldiers about One Rank, One Pension (OROP). Indira Gandhi abolished the OROP system in our country

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