Kate Middleton Third UK Royal To Face Cancer. Here Are The Other Two

In a rare public disclosure, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, revealed she is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer following abdominal surgery in January.

Despite the success of the surgery, tests revealed the presence of cancer, leading her medical team to recommend a course of preventative chemotherapy. Currently in the early stages of treatment, Princess Kate remains optimistic as she focuses on her recovery while balancing her royal duties and family life.

“The surgery was successful. However, tests after the operation found cancer had been present. My medical team therefore advised that I should undergo a course of preventative chemotherapy, and I am now in the early stages of that treatment,” she said in a video message on Instagram.

The 42-year-old Princess joins King Charles and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, as the third member of the British royal family to be diagnosed with cancer in recent months.

King Charles, 75, underwent prostate surgery in January and was subsequently diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer. The diagnosis came as a surprise, as the initial procedure was intended to address an enlarged prostate.

Earlier in January, Sarah Ferguson, 64, announced she had been diagnosed with melanoma, a form of skin cancer. This diagnosis followed her treatment for breast cancer earlier in 2023.

The revelations mark a significant departure from the traditional royal protocol of privacy surrounding personal health matters. The decision to go public is likely due, in part, to the seriousness of the diagnoses and to address public speculation about Kate Middleton’s health following her surgery. All three royals are reportedly receiving treatment and remain in good spirits.

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