KFC, Taco Bell To Experiment With ‘Artificial Intelligence’ For Meal Preparation

The world today is moving towards a more artificial intelligence-based work culture. Be it to write content or edit videos, people have been using technology in different walks of life. In a recent development, fast food giant Yum! Brands have decided to adopt AI to speed up their work process. As per a report by the Wall Street Journal, Yum! Brands that run chains like KFC and Taco Bell are looking into “AI-powered” operations, in which artificial intelligence can help will food preparation in the kitchen. In fact, the brand’s vision is to shape “nearly every aspect of how its Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC and Habit Burger Grill restaurants are run,” reads the report.

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Fox Business weighs in, and the company’s chief digital and technology officer Joe Park states that they have been increasing its investment in technology and automation. In fact, today about 45% of the brand’s sales are digital, which is roughly double the level in 2019, adds Joe Park.

The report by Wall Street Journal further reads that in an interview the CTO of Yum! Brands explain that their vision of quick-service restaurants is that “an AI-first mentality works every step of the way”. He also believes that opportunities for making use of AI in a QSR model are endless. Currently, the brand has developed a mobile app called ‘SuperApp’ for restaurant managers that allows the team to seek guidance on operational queries.

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According to Fox Business, this comes after the reformation of California’s minimum wage law, where most fast-food workers will be paid 20 dollars per hour. This is why, “most restaurant operators are turning to AI to cut costs and increase sales,” the report reads.

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