Man Receives Rejection Letter From Company, Calls It “Very Comforting”

Rejection letters are not easy for anybody. Whether it is to a job candidate telling him that he didn’t get the position or to a start-up founder that he might not get any funding- these are the emails most of us dread reading. However, the correct language and comfort can make it easier for the candidate to accept the news. Recently, a user took to Reddit and shared that he received a job rejection from a company and he found it to be “very comforting”. 

Reddit user ready-4-it wrote on the platform, “This may seem like a run of the mill rejection letter, but the choice of wording left me feeling better about myself. Am I overthinking this?” He also shared a screenshot where the company is seen telling the employee about their decision. They wrote, “We were impressed with your application and felt you were a strong candidate for the role of Freelance/Consultant General Legal Counsel. Unfortunately on this occasion, we felt there were candidates that were marginally better suited for the role, with whom we have decided to progress. We would love to retain your details, whether that be because we would like to reconsider your application for this role, or consider you for future roles with EXTREME International.” They further thanked the user for his interest and wished him luck for the future. 

IDK why but I found this rejection letter very comforting
byu/ready-4-it injobs

Since being shared, the post has amassed a lot of reactions from users.

“Choice words make a difference in the case the other candidate doesn’t work out. Good on them! Sounds like you did the good work and found a real mature team. Don’t hold any expectations but an openness,” said a user.

Another added, “Rejection brings so much negativity but these guys were able to navigate it so well! You’re right about expectations. I don’t have any, but at the same time, I’m not mad about it.”

“You were acknowledged, and judging by the email it seems like they might have had to make a tough choice. If you liked the company it’s good the door isn’t completely closed on it for the future. Best wishes for success for you!” commented a person.

“I have a feeling it was written by someone who has seen their fair share of rejections and got personally pissed at the fake-ness of them all,” added a Reddit user.

A user wrote, “My favorite rejection involved a personal phone call and a recommendation to apply for another job. The other job didn’t meet my salary requirements but I was very flattered. It was a good confidence boost during a particularly grueling job search.”

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