“Parties Look At Candidate’s Winnability Over Youth”: Sachin Pilot To NDTV

Congress’s Sachin Pilot explained today why the Indian political system does not have much room for young people in electoral politics, saying it is a matter of “political reality”. Ultimately, it is the electorate which is not doing justice to the young people of the country, he said at a youth conclave held by NDTV.  

“Parties say they want to promote young people… (But) every political party will do what the people want and it is a fact that few young people win elections… So parties go for winnability rather than youth while choosing candidates,” said the 46-year-old, who had joined politics early and became the country’s youngest MP at the age of 26.

“It takes time to bring about change.  Women comprise half the population, but they are so few in the number,” he added, pointing to another anomaly in the country.

But winning elections “is only the beginning,” reminded Mr Pilot. The MP or MLA also should be able to do the job. More importantly, “It is easy to win the first time, the challenge is the second time,” he added.

But even so, the landscape is changing — in India and abroad, he said. Capable young people are coming into politics and discharging their duties properly.

“Now I see that student politicians are coming into main political role… If we give platform to young people, the results will show in the long term. They will be able to contribute. This is not limited to politics but in every sphere including art or the corporate world. It should be our collective effort to encourage young leaders,” he said.

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