“Rose Gang” Men Behind Bike Theft Arrested In Delhi

Delhi Police arrested four members of the ‘Rose’ Gang involved in multiple cases of motorcycle theft and mobile phone snatching in the national capital. What was common among all the accused was a rose tattoo on their right hands.

All the members of the gang had a tattoo of a ‘rose’ on the back of their right hands, police said. The arrests were made on Thursday.

According to police, the accused–identified as Nikhil Puri, Rohit, Deepak, and Akash – shot videos of their crime and uploaded them on social media to trigger panic among people. The main leader of the gang ‘Bilora’–wanted in various criminal cases–still remains on the run, they said.

Police also recovered eight stolen motorcycles, three stolen mobile phones, and a motorcycle used for criminal activities from the possession of the accused.

“On Thursday, we were tipped off that some criminals planning to steal a bike would be visiting Kanhaiya Nagar. A police team noticed three men on a bike who tried to escape upon seeing the cops. The trio was arrested after a brief chase and stolen mobile phones were recovered from them,” police said.

They used to steal vehicles from different areas in Delhi and use them for chain snatching, police said.

The accused were active on different social media platforms and posted videos of them performing stunts on the bikes, police added.

They started committing crimes, say police, to pay for their lavish lifestyles.

After their arrest, at least fourteen cases of theft and snatching have been solved. Further efforts are being made to trace their possible involvement in other cases too, police added. 

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