Snake Bites Bihar Woman, Husband Takes Her And Reptile To Hospital

Doctors at a Bihar hospital were left in shock when a woman’s husband, bringing her in for a snakebite, also brought the snake that bit her.

“This snake has bitten my wife, please save her,” 29-year-old Nisha’s husband, Rahul, told the stunned staff at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Bhagalpur district.

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Nisha was bitten by the reptile when she was cleaning her house in the Jhurkhuriya village in Sabour. When she shouted for help, Rahul came to her room and found the snake hiding behind a picture of a God.

He quickly picked up the reptile with a stick and put it in a bucket. Nisha had fainted by that time.

Rahul then made her sit on his bike and also hung the bucket, with the snake in it, on the two-wheeler’s handle.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, the doctors first asked him to put the snake away and then sent Nisha to the emergency department for treatment. They treated her by assessing the reptile’s venom.

The doctors said Nisha’s condition is stable. The snake has been kept in the hospital.

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