UK Cops Raid Hotel After Man Spotted With Knife, Turns Out It Was A ‘Harry Potter’ Wand

Panic ensued at a hotel in England after a man was spotted walking around, brandishing a large ‘knife’ near the lifts. Soon after, firearm officers descended on the venue in Enderby, Leicestershire, following several complaints by witnesses. However, cops were left gobsmacked after they discovered that the weapon was just a wand owned by a Harry Potter fan, BBC reported. 

Leicestershire Police later took to Facebook to share details of the amusing incident and joked there “there was no sign of Voldemort.” However, they did not reveal which hotel the incident happened at.

An officer on behalf of Blaby police wrote: “I attended a large hotel in Enderby this morning with a number of firearms officers, following a report of a male inside near the lifts carrying ‘a large knife’. Following enquiries we quickly established that it was a Harry Potter fan with a wand.  Thankfully no harm was caused to any resident & there was no sign of ‘Voldemort.”

See the post here:

The Facebook post elicited amusement and laughter online and several users used the opportunity to make Harry Potter jokes and puns. 

One user joked saying, ”Are you being sirius?!” Another commented, ”So many missed opportunities for Harry Potter puns.”

A third said, ”See, I wish this would be the result of more of these reports. It is scary times with knives at the moment though, you can never be too careful! I’m glad everyone’s okay and people are getting smiles and laughs from it instead of fear.”

A fourth added, ”Expecto Patrol-man.” Yet another added, ” I need to be more careful when I go out with my wands in the future.”


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