UK School Turns “Military Camp”: Parents Decry Strict Rules, Suspensions, And Silent Halls

Parents in the UK are expressing dismay over what they see as overly strict measures at Brakenhale School in Berkshire, with some likening the atmosphere to that of a “military camp.” The school’s new headteacher, Camilla Douglas, who took over in February, has implemented rules that some parents feel are excessive, according to The Metro.

Among the complaints are bans on speaking in corridors and strict directives, such as students having just three seconds to make eye contact with teachers addressing them. Concerns have escalated further with reports of 30 students being suspended within the new head’s first week and allegations of students being reprimanded for minor infractions like a “fake cough,” short hair, or false eyelashes, according to The Metro.

Additionally, it’s been claimed that 40 students have transferred to a neighbouring secondary school in the span of a single week, citing dissatisfaction with the situation at Brakenhale. The school is inundated with daily complaints regarding the new rules and the leadership of the head teacher.

Parents Keith Ellis, 41, and Kelly Ellis, 46, have two children at the school: Frankie, 14, and Teddy, 15.

“They have literally been silenced the whole day, and they’ve even been escorted out of the premises. Our youngest son got punched in the face by a student, and then our son was also put into isolation because he pushed the boy back,” said Kelly Ellis.

Nicole Alder, who has a 15-year-old child at Brakenhale School, said students can’t talk in the hallways between classes, sometimes for up to three hours. She thinks this rule is like that in the military, where kids should be quiet. Alder also mentioned a time when a student got sent home for wearing fake eyelashes, even though a teacher was wearing them too. Many parents have complaints, and they’ve shared them on a Facebook page.

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