Video Of Indian Family’s Food Stall In Karachi Goes Viral, Wins Hearts On Internet

Indian street food enjoys huge popularity all around the globe. Packed with tantalising flavours, its fan base is only growing every year. Whether it’s in the UK, USA, or any other country, we often see people trying their hand at making Indian food or even setting up Indian food stalls. Recently, we came across a video that shows a similar stall in our neighboring country – Pakistan. Well, the food stall is run by an Indian family itself and has become widely popular in Karachi, Pakistan. It shows how Indian cuisine is loved by Pakistanis as well.

The video of the Indian family selling food in Karachi was shared by a Pakistani food vlogger who goes by the Instagram handle @karmatkhan_05. In the clip, he can be seen visiting the food stall and sharing his experience. The stall is named ‘Kavita Didi Ka Indian Khana.’ He reveals that they have two separate menus: vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The menu is quite extensive, but they ordered their must-try dishes, including pav bhaji and vada pav, along with dal samosa. As per the video, the food stall is located near the Cantonment Railway Station in Karachi. Watch the full video below:

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After watching the video, many people were impressed by how people in Pakistan enjoy Indian food as well. One person wrote, “So uplifting! Dekh kar acha laga ki Pakistan main India ke khaane ko utni hi mohabbat mil rahi hai jitni Pakistani khaane ko India mein (Felt good to see that Indian cuisine is receiving as much love in Pakistan as Pakistani cuisine is in India).” “Lot’s of love and respect from India sister,” commented a second person. A third person wrote, “Aww, so glad to see this because I’m also a Gujarati muhajir.” “Very nice, good to see this type of example,” added another.

Several internet users also inquired about the exact location of the food stall and expressed their desire to visit it soon. A fifth wrote, “Please share the exact location.” “Will soon visit, InshAllah, to taste Indian cuisine,” wrote a sixth user. A seventh commented, “Mein Karachi ka hoon mujhe batao location bhai mein pahunchtha hoon wahan khaana khana” (“I’m from Karachi, tell me the location, bro. I’ll go there to have food.”)

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