Viral Now: Desis Jump On Orange Peel Theory Trend – See Best Memes

Around November 2023, the idea of the “orange peel theory” took parts of the internet by storm. For the uninitiated, this theory is a sort of test to find out if your partner is truly in love with you. In order to pass the test, your partner must be someone who peels oranges for you without asking. This simple and thoughtful act is a sign that they genuinely care for you, as per this viral theory. Videos and posts about the same have grabbed many eyeballs on certain social media platforms.

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More recently, Indians have jumped on this trend, giving it a desi twist. People have shared a range of hilarious memes and witty posts on the viral orange peel theory. There has also been renewed interest in the theory from social media users from other countries. Here are some of the best memes currently making the rounds online:

One of the most popular posts, with more than 2.5 million views so far, is captioned, “Dads who have been peeling and cutting fruits for years seeing their daughters settle for bare minimum orange peel guys.”

Dads who have been peeling and cutting fruits for years seeing their daughters settle for bare minimum orange peel guys

— Abhishek (@MSDianAbhiii) January 17, 2024

Several others have also linked it to the fact that many of us are used to our parents peeling fruits and ensuring we eat them daily.

My father wouldn’t allow it.

— slim (@_DarlingNy) January 17, 2024

my dads the one who set my standards up high he don’t play about me

— nathalie (@natcordovaa) January 17, 2024

tum sab jo “no one to peel my oranges” ka rona kar rahe ho, pehle ye batao how many of y’all actually regularly eat fruits?

— midori (@snortingpages) January 17, 2024

What I’ve realized about this whole orange peel theory thing is that my parents have always peeled and prepared my fruit almost all the time even as an adult.. like I feel like that’s an ethnic parents love language ?

— ˚✧₊⁎N444T⁎⁺˳✧༚ (@nautalii) January 18, 2024

my mom has been peeling oranges and pomelo AND shrimp for me and my brother for years. i will never settle for a bare minimum orange peel man

— ? (@mikaisonline) January 18, 2024

There are also memes about how orange peeling can now be considered a sought-after skill.

First date : what are your skills

Me :

— Shibhhuu (@shibhhuu) January 17, 2024

Me watching all these orange peeling videos on YouTube after finding out that girls like this skill

— Javed. (@iamthejaved) January 17, 2024

Orange peeling is now being considered a love language, and the ultimate romantic gesture.

me and the guy who peeled oranges for me

— kp (@earthlykisssed) January 17, 2024

orange peel twitter is giving 2010 romance tumblr blogs

— kelsey (@kelseysigh) January 17, 2024

i explained the orange peel theory to my bf yesterday and today he sent me this post

— blank (@ghamjoon) January 18, 2024

What do you think about this viral trend? Let us know your thoughts on the orange peel theory in the comments below.

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