Viral Video Of “Best Toilet Gadget” Goes Viral, Internet Reacts

In the last ten years, people have been spending more time looking at screens. Mobile phones and tablets are everywhere, and everyone carries a screen with them, showing how society has changed. Even though many people use screens a lot, technology enthusiasts keep finding new ways to make virtual experiences better. A notable instance is a viral video circulating on the internet, demonstrating an expansive virtual reality screen experience that one can partake in while inside a toilet.

The video was shared by a social media user named Mr. VR with a caption that reads, “With Vision Pro, you can relax and relieve yourself in your favorite space while wearing your clothes.”‘

Best toilet gadget ?✨

— Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) February 7, 2024

In the video, a user enters a seemingly transparent toilet. The camera reveals a glass door transforming into a virtual screen resembling a Twitter page. As the man scrolls, the entire toilet walls morph into a colossal display, immersing him in an outdoor scene of mountains and hills. This innovative video, which looks like a use of screen technology, displays an imaginative integration of virtual reality within a commonplace setting.

The video’s unexpected content gained immense popularity, amassing nearly 2 million views upon its initial share by Mr. VR. Its reach surged even further when tech enthusiast Ben Geskin shared it, garnering a staggering 13 million views. This attention shows widespread fascination among social media users with the innovative virtual reality experience showcased in the video.

“You will live without a screen in front of you every second of your life. Probably longer,” commented a user.

“Omg, this is actually brilliant. People can complain that it’s weird, but it’s more hygienic than anything you’re already doing. You’re not actually touching anything,” wrote another user.

“Basically, you are trying to experience pooping in public,” commented a third user.

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