Viral Video Shows Massive Crowds At Starbucks’s First Store Opening In Varanasi

When discussing the world’s most renowned coffee chains, Starbucks immediately comes to mind. Not only do they offer a variety of coffee options, but their menu also boasts a wide range of food items. While they provide diverse options, their pricing is often considered to be on the higher end. Despite the perception that Starbucks outlets wouldn’t thrive in small towns due to their premium prices, the reality proves otherwise. A recent viral post on X (formerly known as Twitter) exemplifies this trend. The post showcases a video of the newly opened Starbucks in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, showing people crowding outside for its opening. The text accompanying the video reads, “People previously thought Starbucks wouldn’t succeed in small towns because nobody would buy a Rs 300 coffee. Meanwhile, in Varanasi:”

In the video, a lengthy queue of individuals is visible, not only inside Starbucks but also extending outside, awaiting entry. After a brief moment, the camera transitions to the interior of the establishment, unveiling a bustling coffeehouse with every table occupied and numerous patrons standing, patiently anticipating their turn. The caption atop the video presents a recent meme, stating, “Starbucks ka moye moye kar diya Banaras walon ne.

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People earlier : Starbucks wouldn’t succeed in small towns because nobody would buy a ₹300 coffee.

Meanwhile Varanasi :

— Aaraynsh (@aaraynsh) March 29, 2024

After watching the video, people began sharing their reactions in the comment section. One user wrote, “Instagram reels ka chakkar babu bhaiya. Everyone wants this Starbucks to be a part of their Varanasi vlog.”

Instagram reels ka chakkar babu bhayya

Everyone want this starbucks to be part of their vanarasi vlog

— Adithya Thatipalli (@adi_thatipalli) March 29, 2024

Another user added, “It’s just the opening ceremony, maybe that’s why people just want to try it. But yeah, it will be successful, all thanks to social media status.”

It’s just an opening ceremony maybe that’s why people just wanna try it but yeah it will be successful all thanks to social media status ?

— आत्मा (@ex_aaTma) March 29, 2024

Someone asked, “Banarasiyon ko yeh sab bimari kab se lag gayi?”

Banarasiyon ko ye sab beemari kabse lag gayi.

— Aarohi Tripathy ?? (@aarohi_vns) March 29, 2024

Banaras waale bahut ameer hai [People from Banaras are very rich],” read a comment.

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Banaras wale bhot ammer hai ?

— Ankita Pandey (@its_ankitaaaa) March 29, 2024

A person declared Varanasi “Not a small town anymore.”

Varanasi is not small town anymore ?

— Ananya Shree (@Ananyay09) March 29, 2024

A user commented, “It’s balle balle for Starbucks.”

It’s Balle Balle for Starbucks ☕️

— Priyanka Darde (@PriyankaDarde) March 30, 2024

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