Watch: Crocodile Seen Strolling On Maharashtra Road After Heavy Rain

People in Maharashtra’s coastal Ratnagiri district were in for a surprise when they saw a huge crocodile taking a stroll on the road after heavy rain.

In a video captured by a commuter while sitting in a car, the reptile was seen roaming around on the road in Chiplun. It is suspected to have come out of the nearby Shiva river, which is home to many crocodiles.

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Ratnagiri is known for mugger crocodiles, one of three crocodilian species in India, other than saltwater and gharial crocodiles.

Chiplun and other places in the Ratnagiri district have been receiving incessant rains for the last few days.

The water level of the rivers in the district has also increased due to heavy showers.

According to the Meteorological Department, the rain will continue in Ratnagiri district till July 2.

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