Watch: Students Share Tiffin Food With Teacher – Viral Video Gets 10 Million Views

As kids at school, many of us would look forward to lunch break. We would spend time with our friends, playing games and sharing food from our tiffins. Many people have fond memories associated with their school tiffins, and a recent viral video has brought them rushing back. In the Instagram reel, we observe young students at a school wholeheartedly sharing their packed food with their teacher. The video has received 10 million views and has won hearts across Instagram.

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In the reel by @avinash_sir07, we see several students approaching their teacher and offering him their tiffin food. He takes small portions of each tiffin, relishing roti with different sabzis, and some snacks. He thanks the young ones for the treats. Watch the complete viral video below.

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In the comments, many people expressed nostalgia about their own days at school. Some talked about how their teacher would take much more food than the one in the video did. Others joked about how such chances to savour tiffin food tempted them to take up teaching. Check out some of the reactions below:

“The first girl who offered the tiffin her mother literally tore the pieces so her child can eat easily…. This is so adorable.”

“Best thing, you are taking a very small amount!!”

“I used to feel so proud when my teacher ate from my lunch!”

“This is the actual reason why I wanna be a primary teacher.”

“Being a teacher looks like a good option to me.”

“Bhindi Paratha one was me.”

“I remember doing this as a kid.”

Before this, a viral video showing a man treating street children to a meal at a 5-star hotel took the internet by storm. Read the full story here.

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