“We Can Not Stop Him”: US Billboard Shames Man’s Cheese Consumption

A Cincinnati Reds fan is getting some cheesy public shaming! A new billboard in Covington, Kentucky, features an unidentified man, who allegedly consumes a staggering “over 20 gallons of liquid cheese a year!” The photo shows the bearded, bespectacled man sadly digging into a tub of mac and cheese.

The mastermind behind the playful prank? A friend from across the river in northern Kentucky, Jonathan Pittman. Inspired by a casual sighting of his pal enjoying mac and cheese, Mr Pittman snapped a photo and turned it into a billboard for over $1,200. It’s set to stay up for four weeks, offering a lighthearted jab at his friend’s cheese obsession.

WCPO 9 in its special report, “Who is Cheese Guy?,” the station said Mr Pittman wouldn’t confirm if his cheesy chum actually eats that much mac ‘n cheese.

The station reported that Pittman simply “decided it’d be funny to put his friend on display.”

The billboard has garnered some traction on social media, with a picture of it shared on Reddit.

See the post here:

Who is this mystery man that consumes his liquid cheese and why is there a billboard of him in Ludlow with no other explanation?
byu/Smuggler17 incincinnati

Reddit users were quick to drop comments. A user wrote, “My guess is that the guy came [in] last during his fantasy football league, this is his punishment, and the billboard is just going up.”

Another user wrote, “Funny whoever designed the billboard is parodying Kraft, but with a few minutes of image searching I figured out the guy is holding a Velveeta cup. Yes I’m that bored LOL.”

“This is exactly why I LIKE Cincinnati!” the third user wrote.

“Okay, this makes me really happy because if I had the money I would totally do this shit just to leave people asking questions,” the fourth user commented. 

“I am liquid cheese man” might be a great icebreaker haha,” the fifth user joked. 


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