What PM Modi Said On Motion Passed On Ram Temple In Lok Sabha

Referring to the resolution passed on Saturday about the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Temple, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it will give constitutional powers to the future generations of the country to take pride in its heritage.

He said that the resolution comprises ‘Samvedna’, ‘Sankalp’ and ‘Sahanubhuti’ along with the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’.

The Prime Minister said “Parliament will continue to inspire its members to leave behind a legacy for future generations and work to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of future generations with the collective effort of all its Members”.

The Prime Minister was addressing the 17th Lok Sabha on the last day of the ongoing budget session.

“The motion on Ram Mandir passed by the House will give coming generations the constitutional power to be proud of the values of the country,” PM Modi said.

Earlier today, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Satya Pal Singh initiated the discussion on the Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha, which was held on January 22, with PM Modi performing the rituals, led by a group of priests.

The Prime Minister thanked all Members of the House for their contributions to the functioning of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Highlighting the landmark decisions taken by his government including withdrawal of Article 370 that people waited for many generations, PM Modi said, “People of Jammu & Kashmir were devoid of social justice. Today, we are satisfied that we have brought social justice to the people of Jammu & Kashmir in line with our commitment to social justice. Terrorism had become like a thorn, shooting bullets into the chest of the country…We formed strict laws against terrorism. I am of the firm belief that people who suffer through issues like this will receive strength like this.”

The Prime Minister said that the strong foundation of 21st-century India can be seen in the game-changer reforms of the period. “

We can say with great satisfaction that many things for which generations used to wait were accomplished through the 17th Lok Sabha”, the Prime Minister said. He said that with the abrogation of Article 370, full splendor of the Constitution was manifested. This must have pleased the framers of the Constitution, he said. “Today our commitment to social justice is reaching the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, PM Modi added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also emphasized that the coming 25 years are very significant for India, given its aspirations and resolve to emerge as the third-largest economy.

“The next 25 years are very important for our country. Political activities have their place, but the aspirations, expectations, dreams and resolve of the country are that these 25 years are something in which the country will achieve the desired results,” he said.

In a veiled attack on the opposition parties, PM Modi said that a few might be ‘nevous’ given the polls are around the corner.

“Elections are not very far; a few might be nervous. But this is an essential aspect of democracy. We all accept it proudly. I believe that our elections will increase the pride of the country and follow the democratic tradition, which surprises the world,” he said.

Today is the last session of the ongoing budget session of Parliament.

Meanwhile, this is the last session of the current Lok Sabha before the general elections, which are likely to be held in April-May this year.

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