“I’m Fit And Healthy”: US Man Who Has Been Eating Pizza Everyday For 6 Years

A slice of pizza can bring cheer to our faces at any time. The Italian dish has become a quick and comforting meal for many. Recently, a man from Connecticut, United States, revealed that he has been eating at least a slice of pizza every day for the last six years and he is “fit and healthy”. Kenny Wildes claims that he loves pizza more than anything else in this world and that his father owned a pizzeria called Kenny V’s until he was three. He told The Guardian that he wants to continue eating the dish and making a career out of the eating habit. “For the last six years, I’ve eaten pizza every single day. Sometimes it might just be a slice, but most days I will get through a whole one,” he told the outlet.

He said all of this started with a dare. “I used to work for a company that looks after heating and cooling systems. My colleague and I would be on the road all day, and the quickest thing for me to grab to eat was a pizza. One day, he said:’I bet you couldn’t eat it every day for a week.’ I rose to the challenge with ease. He then extended the bet to a month. By the end, I felt I could go for longer.”

To maintain his eating streak during the holidays, when the neighbourhood pizzerias close, he goes to the casinos close to his Eastern Connecticut home. Further, he had even bought cheese pizzas for guests on his wedding day.

Despite eating pizza every day, Mr Wildes manages to stay in great shape. “Everyone assumed I was a big guy, but I’m actually pretty skinny. I guess I can thank my metabolism for that. Sometimes people will get in touch with concerns about the healthiness of my habit, but I’m fit and healthy. I appreciate people worrying, though, because it means they care,” he told The Guardian.

To keep track of his ongoing experiment, Mr Wildes created an Instagram account. Through it, he was able to connect with a pizza box firm and receive an opportunity to work as a salesperson full-time. He said, “It’s the perfect job for me, as I can travel and try pizzas from all over the country. This spring, I had pizza in 10 different US states. I also went to Las Vegas for a pizza convention.” Mr Wildes tried beefaroni, caviar pies, and pizzas with peanut butter and bacon. However, he regularly prefers a simple margherita pie or a great deep-pan pepperoni and doesn’t think pineapple belongs anywhere near a pizza.

Discussing his family, he said that his wife is very “supportive” and he says he tries to eat pizzas during lunchtime so that he can have the same meal as them in the evening. “My wife is very supportive and often brings slices home. Last year, I spent 16 days in Italy exploring Rome, Naples and the Amalfi coast with her and our daughter. I ate pizza there, too, of course. My family does get tired of pizza though. I usually try to get my fix during lunch breaks, so I can have the same meal as them in the evening. But I’ve always got room for leftover slices after dinner,” the man added.

He concluded, “I think people find it hard to understand why I do it, and just how much I love pizza – but it’s as simple as that. I’ll continue my streak as long as I’m still excited about pizza, and I’m happy to enjoy my delicious journey, one bite at a time.”

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