Video Shows Couple Getting Intimate Inside Bengaluru Metro, Police Responds

After a string of videos of couples getting intimate in coaches of Delhi Metro surfaced online, another similar clip has surfaced on social media, this time from Bengaluru. A user shared a clip on X that shows a young couple engaging in a public display of affection near the automated doors of a moving metro train. The user who shared the video claimed that the couple was also kissing each other, prompting calls for action from authorities. 

”Hey @OfficialBMRCL @NammaMetro_@BlrCityPolice, what happening in Namma metro, slowly Bangalore metro is turning into the Delhi metro. Take some action on them. The girl was kissing the boy,” the user wrote along with the video and asked Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) and Bengaluru police to take action against them. 

Here’s the video:

Hey @OfficialBMRCL @NammaMetro_ @BlrCityPolice
what happening in Namma metro
slowly Bangalore metro are turning into Delhi metro
Take some action on them
The girl was literally kissing the boy

— KPSB 52 (@Sam459om) May 5, 2024

Bengaluru police reacted to the tweet and took note of the complaint. They wrote, ”Noted, Please provide your contact number via DM.”

Meanwhile, the clip is going viral on social media, and receiving mixed reactions. While some users expressed outrage and called for the need to maintain decorum and respect for public spaces, others questioned the idea of filming the act without the couple’s consent.

One user said, ”Security and officers should take action against such couples or whoever be.”

Another wrote, ”Mind your own business. And don’t film without permission. Close your eyes if you don’t want to see people happy.”

A third commented, ”I do not see any kissing, just hugging. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. The main question is what should be deemed wrong? Hugging in public? A little peck on cheeks or lips? Full nonstop kissing on lips? What level of PDA is deemed obscene?”

A fourth said, ”Nothing wrong with young couple getting personal in public.” A fifth added, ”Action should be taken against filming without permission and posting it on social media without consent of involved.”

NDTV cannot independently verify when and where the video was shot.

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