Viral: Zomato User Faces Criticism For Sharing Delivery Agent’s Request For Late-Night Tip

The tireless efforts of food delivery partners are often highlighted on the internet (sometimes viral stories). These individuals brave various challenges, from adverse weather conditions to late hours, to deliver our food to our doorstep. However, a recent incident involving a Zomato delivery agent has sparked a wave of controversy and discussion across social media platforms. It all started when a user named @priiyyyyyy shared a message from a delivery partner asking for a tip because the delivery was late at night. The message quickly spread online. While the user seemed to find the request strange and shared it online, many people didn’t like it.

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The incident happened on a social media platform called X. The user shared a screenshot of a message from a Zomato delivery partner requesting a tip for delivering an order late at night. The message read, “Please give tip after delivery,” along with another message “For late night.”

Take a look at the X post:

ajeeb hai bhai ?

— pri ? (@priiyyyyyy) February 3, 2024

While @priiyyyyyy seemed to share the screenshot in a lighthearted manner, labelling it as “strange”, the response from the public took a different turn. Many criticised the user for publicly sharing the interaction without the consent of the delivery partner, deeming it a disrespectful action. Some highlighted the insensitivity of exposing the delivery person’s name and treating the request for a tip as an act worthy of condemnation.

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People started talking about the right way to treat delivery workers. Some said it wasn’t right to make the conversation public, no matter how much tip was given. They said what’s important is being honest and fair.

@priiyyyyyy tried to explain that she did tip the delivery person and even shared some food with him. She said she only wanted to share her experience, but many people still criticised her for being disrespectful.

arey bhai tip bhi dedi aur ghar pe halwa bana tha wo bhi dediya. i was just sharing my experience, aur wo employee hai he’s not working for free plus delivery charges already high the.

— pri ? (@priiyyyyyy) February 4, 2024

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Check out some of the reactions here:

If he looses job, it’s on you. Learn some basic etiquettes.

— Shubham Sakhuja (@ishubhamsakhuja) February 5, 2024

Don’t tip her, but don’t make her feel ashamed of asking something by posting ss ??

— जोकर ? (@Bruce_Memer) February 6, 2024

What’s the point of making it public? Even if you have given 1000s, it does not matter now. What matters is integrity. He might lose his job because of this showoff from you.

— Gufran (@Thegufrankhan) February 5, 2024

Enjoy your few minutes of fame on the platform, where nobody actually cares. There was no need to dox the delivery partner, but hell yeah, you just want to do it to get validation in your social circle?

Share bhi krna tha toh name hide kr skti thi ??

— Deadshot (@deadshot9051) February 5, 2024

What’s ajeeb in this ???

— Abhishek (@MSDianAbhiii) February 5, 2024

Sorry to say but such a shameful act, taking screenshots and sharing them without consent it reflects greed, devoid of empathy and self-respect. By engaging in such behavior, you’re accumulating negative karma and sowing seeds of chaos for yourself. Remember what goes around…

— Jordan (@MolonLabe_21) February 5, 2024

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