With 4 Lakh Salary, Mumbai Woman Seeks Surgeon Groom Who Earns “At Least 1 Crore”

A Mumbai woman in her late 30s is making headlines for her criteria for a future husband. A social media post detailing her expectations went viral on platform X, sparking discussions online. 

X user Ambar posted screenshots of the woman’s specific requirements for the potential husband. When translated from Marathi to English,  the woman, who works in Mumbai, is looking for a man who owns a home or has a steady job or business in the city. She also desires an educated family background and ideally prefers a surgeon or a chartered accountant (CA).

The criteria also specified that the woman is seeking a man who earns at least one crore per annum. 

See the post here:

Expectation of groom by a 37 year old female earning 4,00,000 per year, translated from Marathi. This is next level delusion. pic.twitter.com/0ohyDboqpd

— Ambar (@Ambar_SIFF_MRA) April 2, 2024

Since being shared, the post has amassed more than 5 lakh views. Several users took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions. 

A user wrote, “As per IT data, only 1.7 lakh people have an income higher than one crore in India. So her chance of finding her ‘dream’ man is 0.01% at 37 yrs of age.”

Another user commented, “Nothing wrong with this. Everyone has a right to choose. She has the right to choose her groom. Likewise, men have the right to reject her.”

“I have gone through this so-called marriage marketplace and have also encountered such profiles. I have found that such profiles are made by parents who have high expectations,” the third user wrote. 

“Why will a chap earning 1 Cr marry a woman whose entire family earns 30,000 pm,” the fourth user asked. 

The fifth user commented, “The groom should also say okay fine I’m ready to marry, but if things don’t work out then you’ll not ask for alimony and get it signed on some paper in the presence of some lawyer!”


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